Lab Reports

Lab Reports Page

Welcome to our page of lab reports. We take our business and customers very seriously, therefore we require lab reports from the brand's we carry and provide them to our customers both online and off.

We feel that the lab reports are necessary because they allow our customers to determine the quality and content of our CBD products, along with verifying that the product is free of contaminants. It is a good way for us to show you that what is printed on the label of the products we sell, are actually what is in the product. There are a lot of products that are being counterfeited, and as a result we provide lab reports to be open and transparent with our customers that the CBD product we sell are authentic.

All of the products we carry at PRYME CBD come with a lab report, whether you purchase online or in our physical store. For your sake, and ours, we have simplified the listing of these lab reports so that you can always view them or access them whenever you would like. We have grouped all lab reports by brand in individual folders. By clicking each brand folder, you will have access to each and every product's lab report (if it requires a lab report).