PRYME CBD is an online retail store located in Dothan, Alabama. We provide Hemp-derived products that are 0.3% or below, making them legal to sell within the United States. We now sell online only, providing a whole range of CBD products, including CBD Hemp Flower, CBD Gummies, Topicals, Oils, E-Liquid and more.
Where Do Your CBD Products Come From?
We have carefully sourced our CBD products from various brands and manufacturers. All of the brands we carry, we have selected them due to their high quality products, the brand's recognition and respect from others around the industry, and for their ability to provide our customers with 3rd-party lab testing to ensure products are legal and accurate.
If I'm New To This, What Should I Buy First?
Since this is new to many people, we often have to help direct people to the best products for someone just starting out with CBD. We recommend that you start with a CBD Oil Tincture and CBD Gummies. Oil is usually more expensive, so to save on your oil, using gummies throughout the day helps a lot. How you take your CBD depends on you personally, but for an example, you can take a dose of CBD oil in the morning, take gummies throughout the day, then another dropper of oil before you go to bed. You can also choose to smoke the actual hemp flower, as it provides incredible benefits as well.
What If I Take Oil or Gummies and Don't Feel Anything?
You must first understand that CBD isn't about what you feel, but instead what you don't feel. While you can take CBD recreationally to feel something, it's more for alleviating ailments and symptoms. However, if you take the right dose of CBD, you will feel it and you will experience that relaxing feel that comes along with hemp-derived products. If you have purchased a bottle of CBD oil from PRYME CBD and don't feel anything or don't get relief, take another dropper full. You won't overdose, however, don't take too much because you will build a tolerance.
Will Any of The CBD Products Get Me High?
No, absolutely not. Although some of the products we sell have THC in them, they're only trace amounts and not even close to enough THC to get you high.
Will I Fail A Drug Test Taking CBD?
We aren't going to tell you if you will or won't fail a drug test. We do not want to be responsible for that because we know that some tests will test definitely and some show false positives, therefore, we do not want to be reliable for something we cannot control. However, we were interviewed by our local news station with the same concern. We shared the same information as we have done for you here, so they visited a local drug screening facility. Scott, the President of Health Link in Dothan, AL., shared that as long as the product has 0.3% or less THC, then you will not fail a drug test. If you are worried enough about this, we recommend going with an CBD Isolate product, which contains only CBD and no THC.
What Are Your Shipping Times?
We commonly fulfill the order within a few short hours after you place your order. When we fulfill the order, we immediately purchase a shipping label, package up your order, and it's ready to be sent off to the United States Postal Service (USPS). All orders placed before 2:30PM CST will be handed off to our local post office the same business day. Orders placed after 2:30PM CST will be handed off to our local post office the following business day.
Do You Provide A Delivery Option?
Unfortunately, we no longer offer delivery options. We do offer local pick-up now, however. If you are local (Dothan, AL. area), choose Local Pickup when selecting your preferred shipping method.
Why Is The Seal on A Product I Purchased Broken?
You may notice that some products that you order from us will have a broken seal, especially with our CBD gummies. The seal is often broken by us because we are tightening the lids to ensure that they aren't being exposed to air. The manufacturer doesn't screw the lids on that great, so we often check all of the lids so that we are sure you are getting a fresh product that hasn't been exposed to any outside elements. Thank you for understanding.
Will Delta-8 THC Get Me High?
Yes, Absolutely. Delta-8 THC is a cannabinoid that offers psychotropic effects, meaning it will get you high. However, it is a much more tolerable high as compared to Delta-9 THC.