PRYME CBD is a business and brand that is located within the circle of Dothan, Alabama. It's the largest CBD shop in the Wiregrass area, carrying a wide variety of high quality Cannabidiol (CBD) products. Filling the shelves of PRYME CBD are the latest and greatest CBD products, where you'll have access to multiple brands, multiple forms of CBD, and hundreds of different products to choose from, including CBD edibles, CBD oil tinctures, CBD topicals, and CBD vapeables. All of the products that we carry are derived from Industrial Hemp, have less than 0.3% THC, have been lab tested with reports available, and are Federally legal in the United States.
Learn About The Owners
To give you an idea of the owners of PRYME CBD, learning a little more about them as people and how they come together to create PRYME CBD would be the best route. Both Jason Hall and Blake Brown resonate from the same industry type, which centered around a harm reduction tool known as vapor products. Jason is the owner of three vapor shops in the Wiregrass area, including Dothan, Ozark, and Geneva locations. Blake, on the other hand, took the digital approach and owns one of the largest vaping blogs on the web and writes for several brands and businesses. They both share a passion for providing products and information that is designed to reduce harm and treat those with ailments, so it was an obvious move to come together as one. While the two are partners, they're also relatives with extensive history working with one another. Aside from business, both Jason and Blake enjoy going on camping vacations with their family.
What To Expect
Building a business is something we're quite familiar with, and trust us, there is a lot that comes along with it. However, we aren't planning to just build a business, we're wanting to create more than your typical popup shop. In the coming months and years, you'll see shops open up left and right to get their piece of the CBD pie -- we seen the same thing occur when the vaping boom hit. The difference here is, we don't want to be just another shop in the circle city. We want to let people of the Wiregrass and our customers know that we're here to stay, go above and beyond, and exceed all expectations. When you visit our shop, expect a clean atmosphere, a high level of professionalism, expect only high quality sourced CBD products, and competitive pricing.