Koi Healing Balm

Koi - Healing Balm

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Put your mind and body at ease with this all-purpose balm that is powerful, leaving your skin restored and feeling smoother than ever. It's ultimately a balm that's infused with Koi PRIZM, the brand's proprietary True Spectrum oil, which is THC Free and rich in Phytocannabinoids. What you get from the Koi Healing Balm is a soothing sensation that is created by all natural ingredients which work together, creating a warming feeling immediately on contact. Use it simply as a daily body moisturizer or use it where it's needed most, such as to reduce blemishes, to reduce inflammation, treat dryness, and of course to promote a restored beauty at skin-level. The Koi Healing Balm is an outstanding product in every facet, with its quality exceeding all expectations. Enjoy a CBD Balm that is THC Free, Solvent Free, Pesticides Free, and Lab Certified.

Usage: Apply balm to a specific area on your skin or use it as a daily moisturizer.

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