EarthBound CBD Summerset CBD E-Liquid 30ML

EarthBound CBD - Summerset CBD E-Liquid

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Coming out of the gate strong with a line that is both affordable and effective, EarthBound CBD has quickly risen to the top of the leaderboards as one of the industry's most popular brand. Unfortunately, CBD e-liquid can get pretty expensive, and sadly there aren't many flavor options, even with the high price. To combat this, EarthBound CBD was created, offering an affordable price, delicious tastes, and CBD that is seriously effective! Though many see it as a new, the creators are quite experienced in the manufacturing space. The brand first made its debut in the vapor products industry several years ago, and after much success with e-liquid manufacturing, they began to achknowledge the powerful benefits of CBD. So, how is it made? EarthBound utilizes only the best CBD hemp extract, it's all CO2 extracted, tested by Proverde Labs before mixing, then tested yet again after the product is mixed and ready for packaging.

With just two flavors in its line-up, EarthBound Summerset CBD E-Liquid is easily one of the most unique and delicious flavors you'll ever have a chance to try. The Summerset flavor offers the most relaxing experience you'll gain from a CBD e-liquid yet, giving you a relaxing evening that is filled with tastes of aromatic citrus, pink lemonade, and fresh mangoes. It's truly a fascinating flavor, complex, delicious, and also delivers the power of CBD! EarthBound CBD Summerset CBD E-Liquid comes in a 30ML bottle and is available in 500MG and 1000MG CBD strengths.

Usage: EarthBound CBD E-Liquid should be vaped only using a vaporizer (vape pen) device.

Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, CBD Isolate, Artificial and Natural Flavoring.

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