We're Adding More Hemp Flower, Concentrates, and Accessories

We're Adding More Hemp Flower, Concentrates, and Accessories


While CBD-infused oil, gummies, and topicals take the spotlight in the eyes of the public, roughly half of our sales come from hemp flower. With that said, we are planning on adding more hemp flower, concentrates, and accessories to use these products.

Hemp flower is incredibly popular right now, and it's partially because it's very effective and fast-acting. Our plan is to add even more hemp flower options, giving you a greater range of strains to choose from. Not only do we want to offer high CBD strains but we also want to offer strains that offer more terpenes or offer more specific cannabinoids, such as CBG. We even plan on adding new hemp flower that is more unique, such as Moonrocks, where high CBD kief is covered on hemp buds. You'll be thrilled to see just what we'll have in store for you in the coming weeks.

We have held our distance from concentrates, however, due to several requests from customers, we are finally going to be adding concentrates to the PRYME CBD store. You will have the option to purchase live resin, wax, and more all in one place. We believe that concentrates are growing in popularity and being more widely used, therefore, we are excited to offer you even more hemp-based products for you to explore the outstanding benefits of cannabidiol.

While our collection of accessories is certainly enticing, adding dab rigs and pipes to the collection is sure to give you better capabilities of expanding your experience with CBD and hemp products. Dabbing is something many people are enjoying, and they're sharing that it is the best way to truly experience all that CBD has to offer. By adding concentrates, dab rigs to use it, and pipes for our wonderful hemp flower, we know you'll get the best experience.

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