PRYME CBD To Establish In Dothan, AL

PRYME CBD To Establish In Dothan, AL


PRYME CBD, a company and brand still in its infancy, has chose to establish itself deep within the circle city, Dothan, Alabama. Manning the PRYME CBD headquarters are two Dothan natives, Jason Hall and Blake Brown, relatives and entrepreneurs that truly believe in the powerful benefits of Cannabidiol products.

Placing its flagpole on the corner of South Alice and Main to signify its move into the vibrant commerce area, PRYME CBD will offer a variety of CBD products in a professional atmosphere for adults wanting to explore the remarkable benefits of Cannabidiol. The store will be considered as a CBD superstore, containing an abundant amount of products, including edibles, vapeables, topicals, and CBD oils. Customers will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of different flavors and strengths from the industry's most reputable CBD brands, all coupled with competitive pricing.

Co-owner, Jason Hall, has extensive history in commerce within the Wiregrass area. He has served thousands of customers across all three locations of vape shops that he owns, store's residing in Dothan, Ozark, and Geneva. Blake Brown, on the other hand, has taken the digital approach, working from home as a writer in the vaping industry since 2011. He owns one of the largest vaping blogs in the world and writes for various vape and CBD companies. The two now come together to introduce CBD to the Wiregrass area, providing a fascinating collection of quality-made products, all packing in the extraordinary benefits of CBD.

For those that have supported us in the past and those looking to support us in the future as we bring yet another small business to Dothan, we are humbled and appreciate your continued support for PRYME.

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