PRYME CBD Hemp Flower Now Available

PRYME CBD Hemp Flower Now Available


Hemp flower has become a huge part of why our customers love PRYME so much. When we decided to start offering flower in our store, we wanted to be different. The only way to achieve this was by offering the best on the market, with the highest CBD and cannabinoid count you can find. This is why we continue to receive orders both online and off for our premium CBD-rich flower.

Until now, we have carried select brands that delivered the best quality and best content. We now feel confident enough to choose specific strains of CBD flower and offer them under our own brand, representing what we believe is the best on the market. We are happy to announce that you can now buy PRYME CBD Hemp Flower in multiple strains, including Hempress and Special Sauce. The two strains of hemp are incredible, fresh, very potent, and deliver extraordinary quality. There is nothing like a good, indoor-grown CBD-rich hemp flower.

Hempress Strain

Hempress is one that we have been waiting for months to get our hands on, and when we finally did, we were blown away. This Nevada-grown flower is very potent, delivers incredible effects, and the quality and freshness are on another level that we have yet to experience. The farmers we deal with to get this strain touted that it is the best on the market, and after multiple sessions with it ourselves, we are happy to agree. By comparing it to our other brands, we can now understand that the quality, strain, and the way the plant was grown makes up a huge part of the outcome. These buds are thick, very compact, coated with sticky resin, and the smell factor is through the roof. Buds are hand-trimmed and there are no seeds. If you're looking for a solid body high with high anti-inflammatory properties, we highly recommend giving Hempress a chance. You will not be let down!

Special Sauce Strain

The Special Sauce strain is known throughout the industry as being one of the top hemp flowers. It is a powerhouse of a CBD-rich strain that is perfect for flower enthusiasts, which is just one of the reasons why we chose to saddle this beautiful flower with the PRYME name. It almost seems as if the name speaks true to the effects this strain offers because there is definitely something special about it. You'll notice that the buds are dense, tightly trimmed, and boasts loads of bold flavor. Earthy, lime and diesel notes are tasted throughout this hemp flower, and both the quality and freshness is a reminder of why this 'Special Sauce' upholds the PRYME branding. It's Oregon-grown with proprietary Oregon CBD hemp genetics. Slow cured and hand-trimmed gives this robust, nose-trained flower a spot on the PRYME roster. If you are looking for the special part of hemp that gives you the most feels, look no further than Special Sauce.

PRYME CBD Hemp Flower

As of now, all PRYME CBD Hemp Flower is available in 3.5g Squeezetop bottles with labels representing the PRYME brand. A QR code is present on each label for easy access to lab reports as well. Each bottle is priced at $25 and delivers upwards of 18% CBD and as much as 24% total cannabinoids.

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