New Exciting Products Available At PRYME CBD

New Exciting Products Available At PRYME CBD


While our decision to close our physical store may be heartbreaking for our local customers, we are making it up by building out a huge online store so that all of our customers can enjoy it. With that said, we are thrilled to announce that new and exciting products are now available at PRYME CBD, and we will continue to stock the store with the latest and greatest CBD products on the market. Here's a quick look at the new products we've recently added.

DOSE Disposables

Since our initial launch back in March 2019, we've been searching the web for quality CBD disposables. There were a few on the market but none that met our demand in quality. Recently, the people behind the Halo Company released a new brand of disposable vape pods known as "DOSE". These disposable vape pod devices offer the quality we've been looking for, deliciously crafted flavors, and is infused with 5% CBD Isolate. The disposables are very affordable, come fully charged, and feature automatic activation with no operation requirements. It's discreet and super convenient to use.

ERTH Hemp CBD Oil Tinctures

As a customer request, we chose to stock our store with ERTH Hemp CBD Oil Tinctures, available in both a Banana and Passion Fruit flavor. We've overlooked this brand several times, that is until one of our customers shared with us how incredibly effective these CBD oil tinctures are. After soaking up the feedback and learning more about ERTH Hemp and its tinctures, we knew it was time to bring them into PRYME CBD. These CBD oils are affordable, very effective, and boast two delicious flavors. However, what intrigues us most about them is that they use a special strain of hemp when extracting the compounds to create ERTH Hemp Tinctures. The end result is a full-spectrum CBD oil tincture that we know our customers will love.

Pachamama CBD Topicals

Requested by a very specific customer that has had their fair share of experience with CBD topicals, we chose to stock the full line of Pachamama CBD Topicals. The customer shared that on top of our CBDfx Hemp Cream being one of the best topicals on the market, they shared that Pachamama CBD Topicals have been some of the most effective out of the dozens they've tried. We want our customers to only have access to the best on the market. Selling you a product that isn't effective won't bring you back to shop with us. For this reason, we want to sell you products that truly work, that are effective, and deliver results you can feel. Feel free to explore all of the Pachamama CBD topicals available at PRYME CBD now!

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