Introducing PRYME Rewards, Points, and Referrals

Introducing PRYME Rewards, Points, and Referrals


Believe it or not but we're always hard at work when it comes to the passion that has consumed us for more than a year now, PRYME CBD. While maintaining excellent customer service and striving to continue to deliver the best hemp-derived products on the market, we're constantly looking for ways to improve your shopping experience, and we believe PRYME Rewards is the next step.

PRYME Rewards is essentially a loyalty-based program with several incentives so that we get the love we seek and you get love back in the form of discounts. We enjoy selling you products but we love providing various ways to help you save an extra dollar.

PRYME Points

With PRYME Points, it's like earning money back just for shopping with us. We reward points by you simply having a birthday, by liking or sharing our Facebook page, and every time you place an order, we give you points for every dollar you spend!

PRYME Referrals

We've always been told that the best advertisement is word of mouth. For those that have supported us, we truly appreciate all of your work by telling your friends and family about us. However, your support doesn't go unnoticed. We're now offering PRYME Referrals! It is as easy as sharing your referral link with whoever you would like. When someone places an order using your referral link, they get a $10 off discount code and you get a $10 off discount code as well!

PRYME Newsletter

Have you noticed we haven't been as talkative? Yea, well, we're getting with the times and finally got our newsletter up and running. With the PRYME Newsletter, we want to keep in touch with you as much as you will allow us, so we've built a newsletter that will inform you on new blog posts, covering news, products, and exclusive discounts.

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