Hemp Growth Booming In Bama: Alabama Grants 216 Hemp Licenses

Hemp Growth Booming In Bama: Alabama Grants 216 Hemp Licenses


As a result of the 2018 Agriculture Farm Bill, CBD is more than flourishing in the United States. In the state of Alabama, this finalized bill has now brought together existing cannabis users and those seeking an alternative for better health and wellness. People who used to paint the cannabis industry red due to the stigma associated with THC (the psychoactive compound that gets you high), are now rejoicing over hemp's healing benefits. It's incredible to see the dramatic change that has transpired within just a short few months.

The 2018 Farm Bill has already done so much for people within Alabama by enhancing both health and wellness, by creating jobs, and so much more. Though these products are mostly being grown, manufactured, and distributed by other state's, such as Kentucky, Oregon, and Colorado, that doesn't mean Alabama residents will have to continue taking its commerce out of state. In fact, hemp growth is booming in Bama, as the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries has granted 216 hemp licenses for growers of industrial hemp.

Agriculture Commissioner Rick Pate shared that they've "had a significant interest in the Alabama Industrial Hemp Pilot Program from potential growers and processors since the availability of applications was announced in January."

There were 152 licenses issued to growers, 59 licenses were issued to processors, and even 5 universities that will take part in the growth, cultivation, processing, and research of the hemp plant. The reclassification of hemp means that the product must contain less than 0.3% THC to be legal, and both individuals and businesses are required to be licensed by the agriculture department if they plan to grow or process hemp. The question is, who has been bold enough to take on the task of growing or processing hemp in Alabama?

Since PRYME CBD is headquartered in Dothan, Alabama, we're going to share who is licensed in our county and neighboring counties.

Houston County Hemp Licensees

  • Jack Hawkins Jr. (Grower)
  • Holly Branch Farms Inc. (Grower)
  • Joseph and Diane Moore (Grower)
  • Lamar Oliver (Grower)

Henry County Hemp Licensees

  • Dale Armstrong (Grower)
  • Douglas Craddock (Grower)
  • Jeremy Doswell (Grower)

Geneva County Hemp Licensees

  • Carr Farms LLC (Grower/Processing)
  • George Hammer (Grower)
  • Matrin Sumblin (Grower)

Dale County Hemp Licensees

  • Elmer Cook II (Grower/Processing)
  • Barbara Jean Shipman (Grower)
  • Stephen Mitchell (Processing)

Source: al.com/news

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