Each Referral Generates You A $10 Discount

Each Referral Generates You A $10 Discount


Lately, we've been focusing heavily on creating incentives for our customers to continue shopping with us. We feel it should be common sense for any small business. There are so many places to shop online, we feel that it is a must that we reward our customers and give them incentives to keep shopping with us. With that said, we wanted to share some of the ways you can earn discounts or help your family and friends save a little extra cash too!

PRYME Rewards

We shared a little information about PRYME Rewards in an earlier news release and we want to continue to encourage you to take advantage of this program we have. All you have to do is sign up for an account here at PRYME CBD and you're locked in. You can earn PRYME Points each time you place an order, on your birthday, for liking our Facebook, and much more. We give you various ways to save money and earn discounts.


We've always believed that word-of-mouth is the best form of advertising, and it hasn't let us down yet. Your loyalty and support have helped us thrive into a very blossoming small business that we are extremely thrilled about. The next time you tell someone about PRYME CBD, share your referral link with them so that you can receive a $10 discount and they can receive a $10 discount as well.

Free Shipping on Orders of $50 or More

The next time you place an order at PRYME CBD, take a look at your cart. If you're right there at that $50 mark, add a small CBD treat for yourself to ensure you take advantage of that free shipping. And don't take our word for it, with free shipping you still receive your product lightning fast. As soon as your order comes in, we immediately pack it up and send it out for shipping.

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