Anxiety Surges During Coronavirus Pandemic, Here's How CBD May Help

Anxiety Surges During Coronavirus Pandemic, Here's How CBD May Help


There are millions of people that suffer from all different types of anxiety on a daily basis. In fact, anxiety is the most common mental illness in the United States. It affects as much as 40 million adults and only 36.9% of them are actually receiving treatment. The world is already much to bear for the human mind, and then when COVID-19 strikes the U.S., it is especially hard for one to cope. The human mind is very fragile, anxiety will continue to surge, and during this moment of emotional despair for many, CBD may help the 63.1% left untreated.

While it may seem as if Coronavirus is the root of all this evil, the U.S. was already a very anxious country. Before COVID-19 ever made its way to the land of freedom, there were over 19% of American adults that would experience at least one anxiety disorder in a year's time, according to the National Institute of Mental Health.

If you aren't one to believe that such a gruesome plague could create a surge in one's mental stability, you better think again. According to psychologist Stefanie Sugar, a Manhattan-based practitioner, the symptoms of anxiety are elevated. "We are seeing our clients who are prone to anxiety or depression or OCD experiencing more symptoms."

NOTE: The article I'm writing today is one I'm especially willing to share for my customers. I [Blake Brown, co-owner of PRYME CBD] am a diagnosed hypochondriac and my anxiety has been skyrocketing since the chaos of COVID-19 first began. For the customers that I have formed relationships with and spoke with while our local shop was in business, they know that anxiety was the root cause of why I opened this store. I first began by taking prescription medicine, which resulted in a bad reaction. I then tried CBD as an alternative, which helped me significantly with my anxiety. Due to this surge in anxiety, I and many others are experiencing, I can no longer take CBD every other day or when I'm feeling an elevation of anxiety. I now must take CBD with a set regimen and stop anxiety before it attacks.

General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is a form of anxiety that most people suffer from. It is more common and involves a pathological response to everyday challenges. For instance, worrying over money, worrying about job security, meeting deadlines, relationships, parenting, among many more. Patrick McGrath, a psychologist based in Chicago that is head of clinical service for NOCD said: "Anxiety disorders are based on two words: 'What if,' followed by the worst scenario your brain can devise."

The Coronavirus situation is an awful recipe for some people. - psychologist Stefanie Sugar

Indeed, the Coronavirus pandemic can certainly elevate the symptoms of anxiety and create new ones for those who didn't already suffer from this disabling pain. However, CBD may have the potential to help you, as it has for so many.

Recently published in our CBD Benefits List, CBD is an outstanding alternative to reduce anxiety. In fact, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) shared that CBD has been shown to reduce stress in animals such as rats. In 2011, there was a study conducted to see how CBD affected people with social anxiety disorder (SAD) and the research showed that people who took the oral dose of CBD experienced reduced anxiety levels. And, since the 2018 Farm Bill, there are millions of positive user testimonials sharing how impactful CBD has been for a variety of conditions, and anxiety being just one of them.

For those that want to give CBD a try, the PRYME CBD store is always open and contains some of the highest quality CBD oils and edibles on the market. We have carefully sourced the most effective CBD products available to ensure our customers are satisfied in every way.

For those that do not want to take the CBD route, psychologist Sugar says a way to manage anxiety disorders involves patients writing down their most feared scenario and regularly re-reading them. As crazy as it sounds, writing their fears like "Yes, I'm about to lose my job and my home." may seem counterintuitive but reading all of those fears several times a day can strip them of their power.

In the meantime, stay busy, stay 6-feet apart, and most of all, stay safe.


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