Anxiety Surges During Coronavirus Pandemic, Here's How CBD May Help

Mar 28 , 2020

There are millions of people that suffer from all different types of anxiety on a daily basis. In fact, anxiety is the most com...

New Exciting Products Available At PRYME CBD

Feb 11 , 2020

While our decision to close our physical store may be heartbreaking for our local customers, we are making it up by building ou...

Our Physical Store Is Coming To An End, Online Remains Open

Jan 20 , 2020

To our customers, We regret to inform you that our physical brick & mortar store is coming to an end. On January 31st, 2020...

PRYME CBD Hemp Flower Now Available

Jan 04 , 2020

Hemp flower has become a huge part of why our customers love PRYME so much. When we decided to start offering flower in our sto...

Study: Combination of CBD and Chemotherapy Tripled Cancer Survival Rates In Mice

Dec 10 , 2019

For year's people have been touting the benefits of the cannabis plant, and there are even documentaries that are floating arou...

PRYME CBD Now Offers ViaBill Financing

Oct 04 , 2019

While many stores may try to disguise it or shy away from the talks of pricing on Cannabidiol pricing, we don't try to hide it....

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