Why You Should Shop At A CBD Store And Not A Big Retail Chain

Why You Should Shop At A CBD Store And Not A Big Retail Chain

Sure, we've had customers come into our store sharing that CBD is now offered at big retail chains, such as convenience stores, places like TJ Maxx, and even some places in our local mall. We're asked if that scares us that big competition will wipe us out. Our response is this: We aren't scared, and in fact, we don't mind these big-time retail chains coming in offering a CBD product, because we know that at the end of the day, the people who have reached their boiling point and are serious about seeking real relief from their ailments will come to a business that specializes in CBD products, such as PRYME CBD. However, our only concern is that when people try these many products from these chains that after they take the product home and either don't get satisfying results or don't know how much CBD to use, that they are turned off by the entire thing and give up on what could have been one of the best natural sources for relief from a variety of ailments.

You see, when you visit a convenience store or one of these big time chains, they're simply selling another product on top of the drinks, food, handbags and other items. The problem is, these employees are taught to help the customer purchase a product, and that is it. They more than likely have never used the products they sell, most of the time they do not own the products they sell, and unfortunately for many people out there suffering, they aren't able to provide correct information about the products either. At PRYME CBD, Cannabidiol (CBD) products are all we sell, and we are able to use these products ourselves and learn as much about them as we can to provide accurate and honest information to better help our customers.

Not only do these big chain of retail stores lack information and knowledge about CBD products, but they are often selling a product that either offers too low of a milligram or the milligram printed on the label is ridiculously high, meaning nine times out of ten the product has a weak potency. If you are familiar with CBD yourself, you'll already know that it doesn't take 3000MG bottles of CBD Cream for you to feel some relief -- it's just silly what these people are selling. Another thing to keep in mind is that a lot of these products have low quality, as the big retail store purchased whatever they could for the best possible price to make the best profit. We offer products that we have actually used ourselves, that we have taken the time to research, and that aren't based around hype or popularity, but instead based on what delivers real results.

We encourage you to visit PRYME CBD and allow us to inform you more about the products we offer and CBD in general. We truly believe in CBD products and know first-hand of the benefits it can offer, and we have all the intention in the world in helping others explore those benefits as well to relieve them of stress, anxiety, pain, and many other ailments. We look forward to your visit!

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