The Benefits Of Our Loot CBD Hemp Flower

The Benefits Of Our Loot CBD Hemp Flower

If you're interested in CBD hemp flower but still have concern over its benefits, drug testing, and the legality side of it, we've dedicated this article to providing information to address those concerns. Most of all, we want to share the benefits of our Loot CBD Hemp Flower so that you're fully aware of why we highly recommend straying just a bit from your comfort zone to experience the true power of hemp.

Benefits of CBD Hemp Flower

CBD Hemp Flower is ultimately a strain of the cannabis plant. It's identical to marijuana, except that it contains an insanely low amount of THC. In fact, the marijuana plant is known for having a high amount of THC and a low amount of CBD. Hemp, on the other hand, is known for having a low amount of THC and a high amount of CBD. That same relaxing feel and the many other benefits that come along with smoking marijuana is present in hemp, minus the psychoactive effects -- meaning you won't feel high.

Many prefer smoking CBD hemp flower over other delivery methods, such as oils, vaping and edibles because you're getting a true full-spectrum product, which means you get a variety of other beneficial cannabinoids. When considering a CBD oil tincture, people often prefer full-spectrum because it offers other cannabinoids, and not just CBD. However, many of the full-spectrum products today can be considered full-spectrum, yet they're lacking severely when it comes to the amount of cannabinoids that are actually present. When you smoke CBD hemp flower, you know you're getting the entirety of the flower, along with the cannabinoids (a compound that acts on the cannabinoid receptors in our Endocannabinoid system), terpenes (hydrocarbons found in the essential oils of plants), and flavonoids (a family of polyphenolic plant compounds).

Another major benefit to CBD Hemp Flower is that it smells, tastes, and looks identical to marijuana. Many of our customers tell us that they either currently smoke marijuana or have smoked it in the past, and enjoy it. However, those same customers tell us that they don't enjoy getting high all the time to enjoy the other benefits of smoking marijuana, or they simply can't because of the potential for failing a drug test. When you look at hemp, you'll see that it looks just like it, when you take a whiff it smells the same, and when you inhale it for the first time you'll notice it even tastes the same. You can get the same smell, taste, and benefits you desire, without the high feeling and without THC -- meaning no failed drug tests.

Drug Testing While Smoking CBD Hemp Flower

Since CBD hemp flower looks, smells and tastes identical to marijuana, many people believe they're more prone to failing a drug test. What will shock you is that there is less THC in OUR CBD hemp flower than many of the full-spectrum CBD oil products on the market. For an example, to be legal the CBD products sold in the United States must be 0.3% THC or less -- our CBD hemp flower has 0.08% THC. WTVY recently interviewed Blake Brown (co-owner of PRYME CBD) regarding drug tests, along with the President of Health Link Drug Screening in Dothan, and the President of the company went on camera and shared that as long as the product is 0.3% THC or less, no one should fail a drug test. In other words, you shouldn't ever fail a drug test from smoking OUR CBD hemp flower due to its extremely low amount of THC.

The Legality of CBD Hemp Flower

Just like any other hemp-derived product, as long as the CBD Hemp Flower contains 0,3% THC or less, it's completely legal in the United States. However, there are some things to keep in mind about CBD Hemp Flower. It looks and smells identical to marijuana, so smoking it outside your home may warrant some concern from neighbors. Although it's legal, it's still recommended to be discreet about it to respect those around you. Another thing to keep in mind when traveling or being mobile while in possession of CBD hemp flower is that if you were to get stopped by the police for a traffic violation, the officer has no way of knowing if it's hemp or marijuana. That is why it's good to always good to have a CBD hemp flower product that comes with packaging that contains a QR code to easily pull up the lab report for the product -- this is to better inform the officer of the product you have.

Benefits of Loot CBD Hemp Flower

There are several benefits that come along with not only CBD hemp flower, but more specifically Loot CBD Hemp Flower. Loot is a brand we chose to stock in PRYME CBD because it provides a high-quality CBD-rich hemp flower, the THC level is extremely low, the brand goes the extra mile to maintain the freshness and quality of the product, and the packaging is by far the best we've seen yet. Here is a list of benefits of Loot CBD Hemp Flower.

  • Quality Pre-Sale: Before we ever sell Loot, it arrives to us with extraordinary quality. The flower is fresh, it has a very potent smell, and it looks phenomenal. 
  • Quality Post-Sale: We not only care about the quality of the flower when we receive it, but we also care about the quality of the flower after you purchase it from our store. Loot comes packaged in a pill bottle to limit the exposure to the outside environment, which prolongs the quality. Each time it's exposed to the outside environment, the quality reduces slightly, lowering the CBD level. This is why it was a must that we provide a product already packaged, limiting exposure and so that we never handle your flower. Another huge plus is that moisture packets are included in each bottle to maintain the quality and freshness of the product once you take it home.
  • High CBD Content: The Loot CBD brand was a no-brainer, as it provides a high amount of CBD. CBD is the main cannabinoid in the Hemp plant, and the flower that Loot provides is very rich in CBD.
  • Low THC Content: Unlike many other flower providers on the market, Loot CBD Hemp Flower has an extremely low amount of THC, making it perfect for those that have concerns about drug tests.
  • Packaging: The Loot packaging is outstanding, which is just another reason why we chose to carry the product in our store. Not only does it reduce the exposure and help prolong the quality of the hemp flower, but the bottles make it easy to put away or keep on your person while traveling or being mobile. Another benefit is the label, which provides a professional look and shares vital information about the product.
  • Lab Report: The last benefit of Loot CBD Hemp Flower is the lab report that it provides. Of course, the Loot brand provide a complete analysis of the hemp flower in the form of a lab report, and we not only provide that lab report in store, but a QR code is also printed on the label so that you will have quick and easy access to the report at all times.

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