How To Properly Store CBD Flower

How To Properly Store CBD Flower

You've finally found that perfect CBD flower strain, and if you are like many of us, you stick with what works. Now that you have found your perfect smokeable flower, you're probably wondering how to properly store CBD flower in the best way that will maintain its potency and freshness.

In this article, we want to offer some additional pointers to ensure the flower you purchase from PRYME CBD will uphold its quality so that you experience the best effects and taste. Learning about this information will help those who are planning to stock up or for even those who simply want to preserve those beautiful buds.

People will often buy flower from us in bulk because these strains are limited. Each harvest presents a new strain for hemp farmers. The names are ever-evolving because the contents change with each new harvest. To make sure these people are able to continue having access to their favorite premium strain, they buy in bulk. However, as time rolls on, you may notice the next time you roll up, the original flavor and potency have shifted and those same qualities you loved about that particular strain have suddenly vanished. What is the cause? It's degradation which is often associated with storage.

Unfortunately, this is the reality of hemp.

Before your next big haul of CBD hemp flower, you may want to use these proper storage tips. By following these few short tips, storing your flower will greatly affect the outcome of the product and its lifespan. With the best storage practices, you'll be able to keep those cured green buds longer, without ever having to worry about its quality, the taste, or its potency.

The Problem and Solution

The problem with flower, or even oil for that matter, is that there are certain elements that can affect the product. The flower quality will degrade, which is unfortunate. This means the CBD flower will lose its taste and potency and that can definitely be a problem for those who buy in bulk. The solution to this problem is to keep in mind temperature, humidity, and UV light. In other words, you want to properly store your CBD flower the best way possible.

Proper Hemp Storage Tips

Use these proper storage tips to ensure that your hemp has a prolonged life. This will ensure your CBD flower maintains its quality, taste, and potency.

1. Store Hemp Flower In Opaque Bottles

What you keep your hemp flower in will determine how long it maintains its freshness. Whether you're buying from PRYME CBD or any other store, never settle for baggies or clear bottles (jars) to maintain the quality of the product for an extended amount of time. The hemp flower should be stored in opaque bottles (that you can't see inside) so that it protects the contents inside from UV lights. Well-certified opaque bottles are the best option, which is what we use to package the PRYME CBD Hemp Flower.

2. Limit Exposure To Light and Air

By limiting the exposure to light and air, you are greatly increasing the lifespan of the product. Having the right bottle can make all of the difference and limiting the exposure your flower endures can be the game-changer. Each time you open your bottle, you are exposing it. If you have 7g of hemp or more, consider placing the bulk of it in a good, airtight bottle, while the rest that you plan to use in the coming days goes in another bottle. Use any method you can to ensure you maintain the flower the best.

3. Maintain Proper Storage Temperature

Just like marijuana, hemp flower will lose its potency over time with the exposure to high-temperature fluctuation, which is caused by the degradation of cannabinoids. Never store your hemp in a refrigerator! When you store hemp in the fridge, it tends to mold, even when you store it in a nice airtight container. This mold is caused by fluctuations in humidity and temperature in the refrigerator. The same as the cold, damp atmospheres of the fridge can cause mold growth.

"Temperatures higher than 70 degrees can create an environment conducive mold and bacteria growth within your flowers. Try not to let the temperature vary too much to restrict the growth of these contaminants." --

Avoid high temperatures, because it can cause your hemp flower to dry out and the terpenes will evaporate, which will make the experience harsh and lacking in flavor. Since mold thrives at a temperature between 78 and 86 degrees, the best solution is to store the hemp flower below this threshold. Some people will tell you simply to store the product in a "cool and dark place", it is much more complex if you want to maintain the flower the best so that it preserves quality and freshness. The temperature isn't much of an issue if you don't plan on keeping your buds long. For those that smoke it up quick, simply store it in a dark corner or a closet.

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