Finding The Sweet Spot With CBD

Finding The Sweet Spot With CBD

As more people continue to discover cannabidiol (CBD), there will be many that have questions and concerns about using it. There have been some people that have entered PRYME CBD and ask how to take CBD, how much to take, and we always reply with the same information to each customer, sharing that it's all about finding the sweet spot (the milligram dosage that works best for you) with CBD. In this article, that is exactly what we're going to discuss, finding the sweet spot when taking a CBD-infused product.

CBD Affects People Differently

There is a lot that goes into the way CBD interacts with our bodies, and since no two people are alike, CBD affects each individual differently. Where it may affect one person one way, it could affect another in a much different way, and the reason why is because of our age, weight, gender, and more. Just the same way as when you eat food, there are people that metabolize that food and other substances uniquely, different from the next person. For instance, there are some people that eat a lot of food and not gain any weight, while others can eat small portions and the pounds continue to pack on. Ultimately, there are a lot of factors that go into how CBD may affect one person differently from another, and this is definitely something you should keep in mind when trying to accurately dose yourself.

Potency Varies From Brand To Brand

Another thing to keep in mind when trying to find your sweet spot, as far as dosage, is that potency varies from brand to brand. Where you may feel the effects from 10 milligrams from one brand, it may take more milligrams to feel it equally from another brand. This is why anytime you try a CBD product from a new-to-you brand, it's always recommended that you start off by medicating with a low milligram and work your way up to find your sweet spot.

What Is The Right Milligram To Take

Finding the right milligram to take for you is something you will have to decide for yourself. There isn't any shops or people that will be able to tell you the milligram you should take since CBD affects our bodies differently. Only you can decide if you are satisfied with the amount of CBD that you take. Since even you don't know the milligram you should take to find your "sweet spot", again, that is why we recommend to start off with a low milligram and work your way up until you're satisfied.

Finding The Sweet Spot With CBD

Finding the sweet spot with CBD is fairly easy, but it requires you to start off on a lower milligram, no matter the brand, and wait for a couple of hours to see how the dose of CBD affects you. If within those couple of hours it doesn't seem as if you noticed great results, you can either choose to take a higher dose or wait until the next day to take a higher dose or higher milligram. Most of the CBD products available at PRYME CBD, such as the CBD Oil Tinctures come in a 30ML bottle and range from 50MG up to 2000MG. We medicate based on the dropper cap that seals the bottles, and each dropper holds 1ML of liquid. Below you'll find the milligram you'll receive based on 30ML bottles and 1ML droppers.

  • 50MG CBD (30ML): 1 ML/Dropper = 1.6MG
  • 100MG CBD (30ML): 1 ML/Dropper = 3.3MG
  • 250MG CBD (30ML): 1 ML/Dropper = 8.3MG
  • 500MG CBD (30ML): 1 ML/Dropper = 16.6MG
  • 550MG CBD (30ML): 1 ML/Dropper = 18.3MG
  • 1000MG CBD (30ML): 1 ML/Dropper = 33.3MG
  • 1500MG CBD (30ML): 1 ML/Dropper = 50MG
  • 2000MG CBD (30ML): 1 ML/Dropper = 66.6MG

Once you've accurately medicated to where you find your sweet spot, as we like to call it, you'll truly understand the real benefits that Cannabidiol (CBD) offers. This natural CBD compound offers a variety of benefits and may be able to assist you with a wide variety of conditions and discomforts that has troubled you. Whether it's to alleviate your symptoms or not, CBD just simply makes you feel good and helps you better enjoy life.

If you enjoy the information that we have provided in this article, want to learn more, or want to check out our product selection, feel free to visit PRYME CBD at 126 South Alice St., Suite #5 Dothan, AL.

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