Brand Info: Why We Chose Koi CBD

Brand Info: Why We Chose Koi CBD

From the moment we began to consider opening a brick and mortar CBD-only retail location, we immediately knew that Koi was a brand we wanted to lead our shop. Though the brands that are currently stocked in our store is some that we think highly of, there isn't any quite like Koi and what it's able to offer. The Koi brand delivers extraordinary appeal throughout its packaging and labels, it displays incredible professionalism with us and the consumer, and all of its products offer fantastic results, whether it comes from its CBD oil, edibles, vapeables, topicals, and pet products. This is why we chose Koi CBD.

About Koi CBD

Established in 2015, this California-based CBD company has become the industry's most popular brand for several reasons. It has climbed its way to the top by creating a company and product line that not only looks quite incredible, but performs even better. The company began with a mission to create a standard of quality for CBD products, and it has done just that. Unfortunately, the market is flooded with products that scam the public, whether it's from not having any CBD in their CBD product or having far less amounts than the product is claimed to have. It's a lack in standards for the industry, and Koi has been changing that throughout the course of its existence. To do this, Koi uses 99% pure cannabidiol extracted through pharmaceutical-grade processes in a cGMP certified facility. By utilizing such a process, it's able to provide some of the most consistent and finest CBD on the market. Each product offers full traceability and contains 0% THC, delivering the perfect Koi experience.

Why We Chose Koi CBD

After learning more about Koi, you can see why this brand was one we wanted to lead our shop. Everything about the brand is top notch, and whether you are new to CBD or a seasoned vet, we are excited for you to experience the Koi difference. As it stands today, Koi is also the most popular CBD choice for PRYME customers, and people absolutely love the variety of Koi CBD Oil Tinctures and Koi CBD Gummies. Within the next few days, PRYME will also stock Koi's CBD Pet Treats, and we will continue to expand by bringing in more Koi products.

We chose Koi CBD because the brand meets and exceeds all of our expectations, and we want to pass it on to our customers. We want our customers to come back and visit us time and time again, and we know that is achievable with Koi products.

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