Brand Info: Why We Chose JustCBD

Brand Info: Why We Chose JustCBD

There is one thing we really focused on when opening PRYME CBD, which was to offer a large variety of products, and that's just one of the reasons why we became so interested in the JustCBD brand from the start. While searching the web for the best CBD brands we could offer Wiregrass residents, JustCBD stuck out immediately due to its unique product selection, the glowing reviews it has received, and the quality it was said to provide.

When we decided to open PRYME CBD, we knew that JustCBD would be a brand that would become a perfect fit. We were quite aware that we would face some competition, so we've decided to do things differently by offering unique products, and a large variety of them to differentiate ourselves from others. By carrying the products offered by JustCBD, we've set ourselves up as the premier distributor for JustCBD in the south. While we were sure many people would be new to the brand, we were certain that once they tried the product, they would find it's not only one of the highest quality products but also the most potent product on the market. With just shy of being open for a full month, people from all over the Wiregrass have been amazed at JustCBD and the products that we carry.

About JustCBD

Establishing itself in 2017, this Florida-based brand has become one of the largest CBD brands in the world, creating a large variety of CBD-infused products that have certainly made an impact on the market. Due to its unique selection, consumers far and wide have raved about the brand, sharing that its quality, potency, and the taste is beyond average. As a result of its rapid rise to fame, the JustCBD brand has been featured on High Times Magazine, Mashable, Ministry of Hemp, Leafly, Daily Beast, The Daily Caller News Foundation, and more.

Why We Chose JustCBD

It's quite apparent that JustCBD has seen some incredible success within its short period of existence, and we chose to become an early adopter of the brand due to a variety of reasons we've shared here in this article. JustCBD has already become our top-seller, and people are absolutely thrilled that we offer an affordable variety of potent CBD products that has the ability to truly help them overcome or manage a slew of ailments, while at the same time making them feel amazing.

JustCBD has become a brand that we really enjoy selling to customers because we know that with each purchase, we know deep down that the customer will be 100% satisfied. There are so many JustCBD products that we already offer, such as CBD Oil, Gummy Bears, Sour Worms, Peach Rings, Honey Sticks, Bath Bombs, Roll-Ons, and more, and we've only scratched the surface of what we'll be carrying in our store from this brand. Expect to see Protein Bars CBD Pet Products, and Limited Edition Seasonal Products in the future at PRYME CBD.

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