The Latest Dose of PRYME CBD - 07/11/19

The Latest Dose of PRYME CBD - 07/11/19

Posted by PRYME CBD on Jul 11th 2019

If there is one thing we've learned throughout working in commerce is that your brand and business must evolve based on the demand of your customers. While we we were once hesitant to sell CBD-rich hemp flower, we began recognizing the extraordinary benefits of both smoking and/or vaping it. Although sometimes we may feel as if we have the key to success when it comes to business, often times it's best to listen to customers and react. This is why we pride ourselves on our ability to truly tune-in to the customer feedback we receive on a daily basis.

With that said, for well over a month now we have been carrying the LOOT CBD brand of flower, with up to three strains that deliver incredible flavor, fascinating effects, and benefits that will have you appreciating earth and its natural growth like never before. We are excited to announce that we are planning to expand our offering by bringing in two new strains, both of which are indoor boutique hemp. The two new strains, Karma Crush and Blue Cheer, feature unprecedented quality, the flavor is more intense than ever, and the body and mind relaxing effects from CBD and a list of various cannabinoids are very much present. As with our other strains available, both Karma Crush and Blue Cheer will be stored in a medicine bottle with a moisture packet to maintain quality and ensure the flower remains fresh throughout its time with us and you. We are expecting to receive the two new strains and have them available on Saturday, July 13th.

Following as its companion not far behind is a whole list of products that will better help you facilitate the act of smoking the CBD-rich hemp flower. This includes rolling papers, pre-rolled cones, rolling machines, herb grinders, lighters and more. You've asked for these products -- we're delivering!

New Products Available Now

It isn't just flower that we're hyped about. In fact, we are excited to announce that the new Naked 100 CBD Oil Tincture's are now available in store. These tinctures are available in a 60ML bottle with a milligram count of 600MG or 1200MG. We've already heard incredible feedback on these products, and customers are absolutely loving the two flavors (Hawaiian POG & Really Berry), as well as the incredibly low price.

Aside from the Koi Stik we've offered since the day we opened our doors, we also now carry vape pen batteries in normal and slim versions from the OOZE brand, as well as chargers for those vape pens. In addition, we also brought in empty DazzVape Ceramic Coil Cartridges so that you can fill with your favorite CBD e-liquids and concentrates.

Our CBD Gummies selection has also expanded. When you come in to PRYME CBD, you'll see gummies of all kinds. From clear bears to peach to rings to sour bears to clear worms, and even sour bears. We have a hefty selection of gummies and we can't wait for you to try them all!