The Latest Dose of PRYME CBD - 06/16/19

The Latest Dose of PRYME CBD - 06/16/19

Posted by PRYME CBD on Jun 18th 2019

If you're having trouble keeping up with where PRYME started and how it has progressed within the nearly three months of its existence, this article will provide the latest 'dose' of PRYME CBD so that you're fully aware of what's going on now and what we're planning for the future. We've come a long way in just a short time, yet this is only the beginning of our journey, so please follow along to know what's ahead.

Where We Started

We first opened our doors to the public on March 25, 2019. Upon opening day, we partnered with five different brands to offer a variety of CBD-infused products to people of Dothan and the surrounding area. If you know the motivation and determination of the owners of PRYME CBD, then you know we jumped out of the gate strong with all the latest and greatest products, from oils and edibles to topicals and vapeables, we weren't holding back. As business began increasing and our reputation grew due to great customer service, word-of-mouth started spreading. As a result, we have continued to bring in new products to continuously keep offering a unique shopping experience each visit with us.

Where We Are Now

As of today, June 18, 2019, PRYME CBD is in a good place. We have now gained a reputation in the area for being extremely knowledgeable, very helpful, and a bonus of having the widest variety of CBD products. We've also shown that we only carry the best products on the market that is developed by the best brands in the cannabidiol industry. While we were hesitant on being painted in a different light, we decided to bring on flower a little over a month ago, and it has paid off. Not only do our customers like that we're open to carrying products that they ask for, but we're no longer turning away dozens of customers each week. We've increased our selection of CBD Oil Tinctures, we've increased our selection of edibles, adding more gummies and more candy, such as Watermelon Drops and Apple Drops, and we've also increased our selection of vapeables, which includes more options of CBD e-liquid and now a selection of vape pens, batteries, and chargers.

The only thing we can ask from you is that you continue to support the store, continue to support what we're doing, and continue letting others know where they can get the best CBD products in Dothan. As always, your help is very much appreciated!

Where We're Going

While I would love to tell you that we plan to take the world by storm, the truth is we're just a small business operating out of Dothan, Alabama. However, we have high hopes that we can reach a larger audience by continuing to deliver extraordinary customer service and the best products available. Of course, we plan to add more product options, we're looking into adding more contextual information that you can take home with you, and we plan to open in areas closer to you so that visiting PRYME CBD is even easier.

Our Request

We encourage you to join the PRYME CBD Customers Group on Facebook. We created this group so that our customers can interact with one another, sharing their own stories and information to help others. We also ask that you like the PRYME CBD Facebook Page and share it with your friends and family to lead them towards the best CBD products in Dothan. Thank you!