Our Stance on Hemp Flower

Our Stance on Hemp Flower

Posted by PRYME CBD on May 6th 2019

When imagining the impression we wanted to present to customers, Hemp Flower was not part of the picture. In fact, we did not want to associate our brand with it due to the public associating it with marijuana. While we may be a small business, we feel that our branding speaks volume, and we didn't want to send out the wrong message.

At the time of creating PRYME CBD, we chose not to carry Hemp Flower. We were unsure of the demand, unaware of how accepted it has become, yet we were well aware of its extraordinary benefits. Although we're making a significant impact in Dothan and surrounding areas by offering a large variety of CBD-infused products, we continue to receive calls and hear from customers visiting PRYME, asking about Hemp Flower. To continue expanding on the variety of CBD products that we carry, we've chose to bring the power of flower into the PRYME CBD store.

The truth is, there are many people who enjoy smoking and vaping cannabis. It's the smell, taste, the act of doing so, and the many cannabinoids that exist within the plant that satisfies the user. However, there are many people that enjoy the therapeutic properties of the plant but do not want to get high. This is where Hemp Flower comes in. Hemp Flower is a great alternative, as it delivers all of the cannabinoids in its raw form, eliminating any isolation or extraction process, and delivering CBD in its purest form.

The Benefits of Hemp Flower

Although you can alleviate your symptoms by taking CBD in other forms, such as tincture oil or gummies, smoking or vaping hemp flower is one of the most beneficial ways to consume CBD. A high-CBD hemp flower can provide many benefits to relieve symptoms of pain, inflammation, seizures, anxiety, and much more. Smoking or vaping hemp flower, similar to vaping a CBD e-liquid, is extremely popular due to the nearly instantaneous effects. With hemp flower you'll receive what's called the Entourage Effect, which happens when you combine a full-spectrum cannabis product with multiple plant compounds together. When you smoke or vape hemp flower, you're getting the full effects of many cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, as they work together to influence each other's actions within the body.

The Hemp Flower We'll Be Carrying

Due to the stigma associated with hemp flower, just like the rest of our CBD products, we will only sell a product that delivers a professional impression. If you're expecting a 'dispensary' type of experience, you won't get that with PRYME. In fact, the hemp flower we'll be carrying will be like any other product we offer, which is 0.3% or less of THC and legal, features appealing packaging, will contain a label with appropriate information, a QR code is printed on the label for easy access to online lab reports, and we will also provide a printed lab report each time flower is sold. We purchase the product from our distributors already packaged, therefore we will never handle the flower ourselves. We're living in the modern times and we've evolved in many ways, and with that said, the experience you'll receive from buying hemp flower from PRYME CBD will be based on professionalism, both providing you with a professional product and conducting ourselves in a professional manner.

Our Stance on Hemp Flower

While we see nothing wrong with hemp flower, our stance on the product doesn't matter. We are here to sell you a high quality product and deliver the best shopping experience possible. Our customers and the customer service we offer is what matters to us most, therefore we are excited to announce that hemp flower will soon be available at PRYME CBD!